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Frequently Asked Questions

Wow! We have had so much interest in the new Earn While You Learn Upgrade that we are barely able to keep up with all the calls! Here are answers to a few of the most asked questions to help you decide if you would like to upgrade to the new curriculum:

Why should we purchase the EWYL upgrade?

EWYL has been a great curriculum for many years for over a thousand PCCs. The new upgrade is even better! The updated curriculum has been thoroughly reviewed and updated where needed. New resources have been added, and the new look and feel has been professionally created to reach today’s youth. New content has been added on almost every page with interest grabbing pictures and educational captions. In addition, the upgrades in the Parenting Pack (or the Full Set Upgrade) include 2 new modules based on Dr. Dobson’s “Essentials of Discipline” as well as a completely rewritten module using the DVD “Parenting the Early Years.” Altogether, the upgrade is a great new step in your center’s ability to reach out and change lives.

Do I HAVE TO upgrade EWYL?

The current version of EWYL is completely acceptable to use for teaching your clients about pregnancy, parenting, and life skills. While staying in the older version is possible, the new version of EWYL has the most up-to-date information and DVDs. In addition, the new EWYL is professionally designed and edited to be the best pregnancy and parenting curriculum you can buy.

Is the Upgrade Available for Free to those who have EWYL Already?

Heritage House wanted to offer our customers the best curriculum for PCCs possible and decided months ago to start the massive undertaking of upgrading EWYL. To do so we hired a writer, contracted with a professional editor, sourced and purchased new DVDs, purchased new printing equipment for the full-color curriculum, and worked with a professional designer to design and create the new look. The work has been both time intensive and at times difficult. We are convinced that the new EWYL will change lives and hearts. While we are excited about the transformation of so many young women that will come out of the new curriculum, we also understand that the pricing can sometimes be prohibitive for smaller centers. We have worked to keep the pricing of the upgrade as low as possible. We hope you will see the real value in the 115 lessons that have been thoroughly reviewed and the 25 lessons that have been re-written as well as the updated design.

What If We Just Bought the Old EWYL?

Because updating EWYL was such a large undertaking, we could not accurately predict when it would be ready for centers to purchase. After spending months of work on the upgrade, we were finally able to pin down a date that we knew it would be ready for shipment. Once knew the date, we gave over 2 months notice about the upgrade becoming available.

We do understand that EWYL is a large purchase. As a way helping those who recently purchased the original version of EWYL, Heritage House is offering a special 20% discount on any EWYL upgrade for anyone who purchased the original set in the last 6 months (from November 1st 2007 on). Please call Missie at 1-800-858-3040 x227 for more information.

We are excited about the new upgrade, as we are sure you will be. We have taken your input during the last few years on ways to improve the curriculum and incorporated many of your ideas into the modules. The EWYL upgrade will help you in your work of changing lives for many years to come.


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