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Main Curriculum
Toddler Pack
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EWYL Advantages

PERMISSION TO COPY: EWYL has a very low operating cost. Instead of using expensive workbooks, EWYL uses reproducible masters that are as cheap as a copy. Lessons have hand-outs and homework — but they can be copied at the time of the lesson! The only thing to replace are the few inexpensive brochures that don’t make it back with the homework. Even better, when you purchase EWYL Packs, ask about the printable PDF versions!

DVDs IN EWYL: Heritage House works to provide the most up-to-date and informational DVDs for EWYL. Each is professionally produced by experts in the subject being covered. Most DVDs are 30-50 minutes long and designed to teach, spur discussion, and provide real-world help to your clients.

USING EWYL: EWYL is used in almost 1,000 pregnancy resource centers across the nation. PRCs have realized their mission is enhanced by offering hope beyond the pregnancy to young mothers. If you want more information about centers near you that use the program, give us a call. You can talk to (and even visit if they’re willing) centers who use EWYL every day!

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: EWYL makes a difference in the lives of clients and their babies. It does this with simple straight-forward lessons. Most of these lessons can be run by simply copying the worksheets and homework, putting in the DVD, and coming back after it’s done to ask follow-up questions.

While the process is simple, the impact can be immense. The personalized lesson plan (available from ewylonline.org for download), guides each client through the lessons they need the most. Each lesson is designed to teach, but also to grow the relationship between the client and her counselor and to help the client through major decisions such as adoption, abstinence, drug/alcohol use, parenting methods and much more. EWYL is easy, but it is also powerful and poignant.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Earn While You Learn has always been an investment in the future of your community - in the families, children, mothers, and now fathers who need your help. Through Earn While You Learn centers have found pathways into their community to more directly address the “at risk” pregnancies by creating friendships and trust with their clients. They have also found businesses and community members excited and ready to donate to a program that is making such a difference.

The investment in the community starts with an investment in Earn While You Learn. We understand the need to ensure the program is right for you and your center before making that investment, which is why we offer the 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have any problems, issues, or concerns with the program just return it within 30 days in resalable condition and we will refund your purchase amount with no questions asked.


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