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Sample EWYL Donation Request Letter

December 8, 2009
Carol Ault
Century Realty
1111 Smith St.
Show Low, AZ 85901

Dear Ms. Ault:

Have you ever looked at a pregnant teenager and wondered how she was going to meet the physical and emotional needs of a child? No teenager, no matter how mature, can understand the demands of a child. We at Living Hope Women’s Center know this all too well; and we are doing something about it.

We are in the process of instituting a nationally acclaimed program called Earn While You Learn. Expectant and young mothers can “earn” baby clothes, furniture, maternity clothes, and many other necessities by learning. The program pairs a young woman with a client advocate who meets with her every week. Every lesson earns her $2.00 in “Mommy Money.” Completed homework earns another $1.00. This money can be spent in our Mommy Store. The price of a baby outfit is $.50. Diapers are $1.00 a dozen; cribs are $20.00.

We know that this program makes a positive impact on the lives of young mothers and a lifelong impact on their children. Our program helps break cycles of neglect and abuse. The one great need we have now is to build our curriculum. We need DVDs and books on parenting. It takes a considerable amount of material to be able to offer a lesson once a week during pregnancy and the year afterward.

We are asking civic-minded businesses like yours to help underwrite this vital program. Would you be willing to underwrite the cost of the DVD Going It Alone? This DVD gives a teenager a realistic view of raising a child as a single mother. It will motivate her to continue coming to the center for parenting classes and mentoring. The cost of this DVD is $79.00. It is vital that we implement this curriculum as soon as possible. It would be greatly appreciated if you would respond by December 20th. Your contribution will make a difference in countless children’s lives.


Dinah Monahan
Executive Director
Living Hope Women’s Center

P.S. We would love to have you come by and visit our center. Please call me at 555-1212 and I will personally give you a tour.


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