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Toddler Pack


These 3 modules cover the parenting skills all mothers will need when raising a toddler.

Parenting toddlers can be tiring... and exciting! Earn While You Learn added the Toddler Pack to help young mothers learn the tools in dealing with all the energy and curiosity a toddler brings to their family. Starting with lessons on age appropriate developments, moving to proper discipline for toddlers and then covering important safety issues, Module T1 is a great start to the Toddler Pack. In Module T2 the lessons move into looking at some of the challenges a toddler can bring and how your clients can “Survive Motherhood.” Finally, Module T3 helps mothers understand some ways to make the toddler years be enjoyable while covering some of the more common struggles such as bedtimes, listening, and sleeping issues.

All 15 lessons are perfectly designed for mothers with children in or approaching the toddler years. Each lesson is written in our easily understood format with questions designed to grow relationships and enhance understanding. At the end of every lesson is homework for your client to take home. Most homework in this pack covers information that all mothers of toddlers will need to know including: car seat safety, routines, biting, potty training, whining, new babies and older children and more.

After clients complete the appropriate lessons in the Main Curriculum, the Toddler Pack is here to help them become great moms and raise emotionally and physically healthy children.


*7677T1 Module T1 - Notebook $69.95
Lesson T1.1 - Big Changes-
   7780UI    DVD, Understanding Your Infant $19.95
         Video: 7 min., Section: Age Group: 9 mo.
   9486DM    Lit. - Developmental Milestones (50 pk) $17.50
   9487DB    Lit. - Discipline for Babies (50 pk) $17.50
Lesson T1.2 - Growing Up-
   7780UI    DVD, Understanding Your Infant $19.95
         Video: 7 min., Section: Age Group: 12 mo.
   9469CS    Lit. - Car Seat Safety (50 pk) $17.50
   9457RT    Lit. - Routines (50 pk) $17.50
Lesson T1.3 - Ms. Personality-
   7808UT    DVD, Understanding Your Toddler $19.95
         Video: 13 min., Section: Age Group: 15 mo.
   9453PB    Lit. - Biting (50 pk) $17.50
Lesson T1.4 - Mr. Independent-
   7808UT    DVD, Understanding Your Toddler $19.95
         Video: 7 min., Section: Age Group: 18 mo.
   9454TT    Lit. - Tantrums (50 pk) $17.50
Lesson T1.5 - Big Kid-
   7808UT    DVD, Understanding Your Toddler $19.95
         Video: 9 min., Section: Age Group: 24 mo.
   9468BS    Lit. - Baby Illnesses (50 pk) $17.50
*Module T1 was Module 11 in the main curriculum. If you already own module 11, please look at the upgrade.
7677T2 Module T2 - Notebook $69.95
Lesson T2.1 - Life with Toddler-
   7767LT    DVD, Life with Toddler $19.95
         Video: 30 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson T2.2 - Tantrums: Attitude Adjustment-
   78380TM    DVD, Tantrums (Also used in T2.3) $19.95
   9454TT    Lit: Tantrums (50 pk) $17.50
Lesson T2.3 - Tantrums: Battle Plan-
   78380TM    DVD, Tantrums (Also used in T2.3) $19.95
   9455PS    Lit: Stealing (50 pk) $17.50
Lesson T2.4 - More Toddler Nutrition-
   9466SF    Lit: Introduction to Solid Food (50 pk) $17.50
Lesson T2.5 - Sign with Your Toddler-
   7772SB    DVD, Sign with Your Baby $25.95
         Video: 60 min., Section: Full DVD
7677T3 Module T3 - Notebook $69.95
Lesson T3.1 - Whining and Arguing-
   7768PP    DVD, Painless Parenting (Also used in T3.2, T3.3) $34.95
   9456WH    Lit: Whining (50 pk) $17.50
Lesson T3.2 - Love and Logic Strategies-
   7768PP    DVD, Painless Parenting (Also used in T3.1, T3.3) $34.95
   9459KW    Lit: Watching for Abuse (50 pk) $17.50
Lesson T3.3 - Bedtime, Mornings & Potty Training-
   7768PP    DVD, Painless Parenting (Also used in T3.1, T3.3) $34.95
   9460PT    Lit: Potty Training (50 pk) $17.50
Lesson T3.4 - The Sleepeasy Solution-
   7773SS    DVD, The Sleepeasy Solution $24.95
         Video: 97 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson T3.5 - The Happiest Toddler-
   7800HT    DVD, Happiest Toddler on the Block $25.95
         Video: 69 min., Section: Full DVD
7601EWYL-TP All 3 modules, all resources (10 of each booklet, and 50 of each literature piece) $628.95

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