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Special Circumstances Pack


Some PRC clients need a little more help than others. The Special Circumstances module was created to help address specific situations that may not affect every client, but when they do, the results can be devastating.

This pack consists of 3 modules. Each lesson in Module 1 covers different specific situations. The first lesson covers child abuse and the harm it does on the child. It also covers what child abuse is, how it can be done with only words, and how to get help to end the cycle of abuse.

The second lesson helps educate your clients on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and drug use and how it can affect their child. The third lesson is related and deals with crystal meth as it shows the true harm it can do to the user and their baby. The fourth lesson shows, in detail, the effects of drugs on babies before and after they are born.

The final lesson was written to help women work through the hurt and pain of a miscarriage. Using the DVD Footprints on Our Hearts, the lesson lovingly gives encouragement, understanding, and hope.

These five unique lessons may not be used every day - but they are important to have on hand when you need to give help to those in crisis.

Modules SC2 and SC3 are written about the adoption process. The perfect setting for expectant moms to explore adoption is in your centers with your client advocates. Through Earn While You Learn they have built a trusting relationship. The advocate can discuss the adoption option in the context of her genuine concern for the client.

S2 and S3 Modules were created to help clients explore adoption before any contact with an agency is made. Together, the client and advocate can go through the work sheets with no pressure or commitment.

To overcome the hesitancy of your client advocates, we include a DVD that trains them how to present adoption and to go beyond the first reaction. And each lesson has a companion segment that trains the advocate.

This curriculum is essential for your center to have so you are prepared when a young woman does want to explore the adoption option. It is based on our center's methods and experience and is the perfect solution for both training your advocates and offering this loving option to your clients!


7677S1 Module 1 - Notebook $69.95
Lesson SC1.1 - Child Abuse and Neglect-
   78321CA    DVD - Child Abuse and Neglect $69.95
         Video: 18 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson SC1.2 - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Drugs-
   78323FA    DVD - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Drugs $129.95
         Video: 19 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson SC1.3 - Crystal Meth-
   78324CM    DVD - Crystal Meth $34.95
         Video: 50 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson SC1.4 - Unborn Addicts-
   78325UA    DVD - Unborn Addicts $149.95
         Video: 47 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson SC1.5 - Miscarriage-
   78385FO    DVD - Footprints on our Hearts $49.95
         Video: 60 min., Section: Full DVD
7677S2 Module 2 - Notebook New Dec. '13 $69.95
Lesson SC2.1 - Getting Started-
   78284AO    DVD – The Adoption Option $24.95
         Video: 27 min., Section: Full DVD
   78285LG    DVD - Letting Go $9.95
         Video: 15 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson SC2.2 - Sorting Out Why -
   7650TA    Booklet – So I Was Thinking About Adoption $8.95
Lesson SC2.3 - What’s Important to Me – Digging Deep-
       No resource required.
Lesson SC1.4 - Will There Be Pain? -
       No resource required.
Lesson SC1.5 - Coming to Terms-
7677S3 Module 3 - Notebook New Dec. '13 $69.95
Lesson SC3.1 - Coming Up With a Covenant Plan-
       No resource required.
Lesson SC3.2 - A New Family-
       No resource required.
Lesson SC3.3 - Planning for Birth-
       No resource required.
Lesson SC3.4 - How To Say Good-Bye-
       No resource required.
Lesson SC3.5 - How To Pick Up the Pieces-
       No resource required.
7601EWYL-SC All lessons, all resources (10 of each booklet, and 50 of each literature piece) $688.45

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