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Life Skills Pack


5 Modules about what is needed to grow personally and financially

Many PRC clients do not have basic life skills that will help them make the right choices in the future and avoid basic mistakes. The EWYL Life Skills Pack is designed to help your clients learn skills that will help them succeed in their financial, relational and professional lives.

Module L1 starts the lessons with an in depth look at the question of abstinence. Using the DVDs of the dynamic speaker Pam Stenzel, these lessons will help your clients make the choice for abstinence in their lives.

Module L2 will teach the client how to properly use finances in their own lives. Covering subjects such as budgeting, money management, and checking accounts, these lessons are essential for any person.

Module L3 has lessons that will help your clients make a home, including how to rent an apartment, how to work with roommates, and decorating without getting a loan.

Module L4 includes information on how to shop for a used car and insurance. Finally, Module L5 teaches how to find and keep a good job.

These life skills are important for every client. EWYL presents them in easily understood and effective formats. Your clients can improve their lives; and you can help!


7677L1 Module L1 - Notebook $69.95
Lesson L1.1 - Itíll Never Happen to Me!-
   7798SL    DVD - Love Lessons $49.95
         Video: 55 min., Section: The High Cost of 'Free Love'
   967WY    Why You Should Wait $1.00
Lesson L1.2 - The Heart of the Matter-
   7798SL    DVD - Love Lessons $49.95
         Video: 47 min., Section: Will You Accept This Rose?
   901IN    Intimacy $0.50
Lesson L1.3 - What does God Say?-
   7798SL    DVD - Love Lessons $49.95
         Video: 32 min., Section: All I Want Is Love; Message of Hope
   9415AW    All I Want is Love $0.50
   979MH    The Message of Hope $2.49
Lesson L1.4 - Character Matters-
   7798SL    DVD - Love Lessons $49.95
         Video: 37 min., Section: "Build Your Character"
Lesson L1.5 - Making the Commitment-
    No Resources Needed-
7677L2 Module L2 - Notebook $69.95
Lesson L2.1 - Money Management 101-
   77961IM-D    DVD - Managing You Money $99.95
         Video: 35 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson L2.2 - Basics of Budgeting-
    No Resources Needed-
Lesson L2.3 - Checking Accounts-
    No Resources Needed-
Lesson L2.4 - Positive Credit-
   77962PC-D    DVD - Taking Credit $99.95
         Video: 25 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson L2.5 - Saving for the Future-
    No Resources Needed-
7677L3 Module L3 - Notebook $69.95
Lesson L3.1 - Apartment Renting 101-
   77963AR-D    DVD - Renting an Apartment $99.95
         Video: 30 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson L3.2 - Roommates - Conflict Resolution-
    No Resources Needed-
Lesson L3.3 - Furnishing and Decorating at Home-
    No Resources Needed-
Lesson L3.4 - Housecleaning 101-
   77964HC-D    DVD - Housekeeping How Tos $99.95
         Video: 17 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson L3.5 - Time Management for the Parent-
    No Resources Needed-
7677L4 Module L4 - Notebook $69.95
Lesson L4.1 - Shopping for a Car-
   77965KT-D    DVD - Finding and Financing a Used Car $99.95
         Video: 21 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson L4.2 - Insurance Needs-
    No Resources Needed-
Lesson L4.3 - Using a Recipe-
    No Resources Needed-
Lesson L4.4 - Surviving at the Checkout-
   77966SC-D    DVD - Shopping Smart $99.95
         Video: 26 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson L4.5 - Menu Planning-
    No Resources Needed-
7677L5 Module L5 - Notebook $69.95
Lesson L5.1 - Gearing Up for the Job Search-
    No Resources Needed-
Lesson L5.2 - Where Opportunity Knocks-
    No Resources Needed-
Lesson L5.3 - How to Apply for a Job-
    No Resources Needed-
Lesson L5.4 - The Interview-
   7758WW    DVD - What will I say during and interview? $129.95
         Video: 30 min., Section: Full DVD
Lesson L5.5 - Working Smartly-
    No Resources Needed-
7601EWYL-LS All 5 modules, all resources (10 of each booklet, and 50 of each literature piece) $1158.39

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